Yobs make sure that it will not be a happy New Year for drivers

Residents of Leigh Road in Penhill are furious after thirty of them had their vehicles damaged by a group of vandals overnight. The police have said the damage, which will run into thousands of pounds, was a deliberate act of vandalism.

All of the vehicles had deep scratches along both sides and also on the bonnet. The police say the scratches were caused by either a knife or a ring and they are appealing to residents with CCTV security cameras to inspect their footage for anything suspicious. Around half of the vehicles also have significant dents in the doors where it looks like someone has violently kicked the vehicle.

Resident Dawn Richards who has already been in touch with her car insurance broker said: “It’s a lot of damage – they’ve scratched it from one end to another and on the bonnet. It’s not a two-minute job. I was one of the first to notice it and went to ask my neighbour, who then went to look at her car. I think there have been at least 30 – my two daughters were visiting for Christmas and New Year had their cars damaged too. It is annoying as people work hard and save for a long time to buy nice cars and then someone comes along and damages it.”

Investigating officers believe there may be even more victims as some residents may not have reported the damage and others may have already left the area until the New Year. A spokesman for the force said: “This was both a mindless and deliberate attack on people’s property that has left them all upset and angry. It will cost a lot of money to put right and has inconvenienced families over the Christmas period.”  With the damage costing so much to repair, most drivers have already contacted their insurance company. In most cases this will mean the loss of any no-claims bonus and possibly higher premiums on renewal.

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