Yet another recall from Toyota

Last month it was faulty window switches and this month it is faulty steering columns and water pumps, the problems plaguing one of the world’s biggest manufacturers continue.

Toyota this week announced it is recalling 2.8 million cars worldwide to fix problems reported by around 400 consumers. The fault affects nine of their models worldwide but in the UK it is confined to just three. Motorists holding motor insurance certificates on the Avensis, Corolla and Prius can expect to be contacted and Toyota UK estimate that 75,000 customers will be affected.

The company were quick to confirm no-one had been injured because of the faults explaining the steering column problem was down to insufficient hardness of the steering shaft, which could be damaged if the wheel is turned forcefully at slow speed, affecting control of the car in extreme cases. The water pump fault in the cooling system is confined to certain Prius models only and a spokesman said in extreme circumstances the fault could blow a fuse in the power circuit causing the car to stall.

The announcement comes just as Toyota anticipate reclaiming the crown of being the world’s largest car manufacturer but in truth the company have reeled from one crisis to another over the last few years, and industry insiders believe this latest incident will have little effect on their already tarnished image. Neil King, automotive analyst at Euromonitor International, said “Any long-term damage to the Toyota brand probably already happened with previous recalls. Any Toyota customers that are sensitive to recalls have surely defected long ago. Nevertheless, with this latest recall, they are clearly trying to address the situation before it even has the chance to escalate.”

Owners of the cars due for a recall will be contacted by Toyota within six weeks and invited to take their cars into their nearest Toyota dealer. Toyota estimate it will only take about an hour and half to fix the fault. Those owners not willing to wait can visit the company’s website and put in their registration number to find out if they are in the group afected.

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