World’s fastest electric car revealed at Shanghai Motor Show

Last Friday we discussed Richard Hammond’s top picks from the Shanghai Motor Show, and as you can expect he chose some of the most technologically advanced vehicles, as well as those that will have the biggest effect on the car markets in the next few years. The Shanghai Motor Show has been called one of the most important motor shows of the entire year due to the fact that car market in China is currently booming, meaning that manufacturers are using the show as an opportunity to show off their best and brightest creations.

Now, it has been revealed that the fastest electric car in the world has been revealed at the show in the form of the SP:01 from American manufacturer Detroit Electric. The company chose to reveal the car at the show due to the fact that it would appeal to the Chinese market both because it has a top speed of 15mph and can go 0-62mph in just 3.7 seconds, but also because of the pollution problem in China which is leading to the government wanting more people to invest in electric cars. Discussing the option to release the vehicle in China, chief executive of Detroit Electric, Albert Lam, said: “I think China has the right policy, right incentive, and the right drive from the government and China really does need some solution with their air pollution. There will be a lot of demand for this type of vehicle as well as future vehicles we are going to launch.”

The SP:01 is extremely different to the traditional electric vehicle, mainly due to its size and sense of luxury, however this could be the main appeal for Chinese buyers who are becoming more interested in luxury vehicles. Furthermore, due to the amount of pollution in China the government are trying to find new ways to incentivise people to buy electric vehicles, and have also limited the amount of new car registrations allowed in the country each year by creating a “registration lottery” in certain areas. However, when buying an electric vehicle the owner will be given a licence plate straight away, and with so many desperate to get on the road this could be a great way to get more people to buy electric.

Electric cars are currently not hugely popular in the UK, mainly due to the lack of power stations, the perceived lack of power these vehicles have and the fact that car insurance quotes are more expensive electric cars. However, the UK government is working on creating incentives of their own in order to promote more people to buy electric cars, and so hopefully we will see more on the roads in the near future.

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