Winter fuel saving important for poor motorists

It seems that many New Year Resolutions for 2012 will be centred on motoring and fuel use rather than the traditional cutting back on cigarettes, food and alcohol, if a report from motoring organisation the AA is anything to go by.

A massive survey of 20,000 motorists carried out jointly by the AA and Populus shows that 8,000 of those questioned have resolved to cut down on fuel and motoring costs in 2012. It may prove harder than they think as well. Already figures for the first nine months of 2011 show that fuel consumption in the UK dropped by a billion litres compared to the same period in 2010, for it to drop any further will really point to the golden age of motoring being well and truly over. The drop in 2011 is a fair indication that UK citizens were already cutting down last year. Car salesmen and car insurance brokers noted a drop in sales as second cars became a luxury too far for many families, and those looking to cut costs this year may have to concentrate on comparing car insurance and downsizing cars.

Paul Watters, an AA Public Affairs spokesman, said “We have reached the stage where motoring is once again only easily affordable for the better off and, with the car still the mainstay means of travel for the majority, that is depressing news at the start of 2012. The impact of high fuel prices on ordinary drivers is staggering, with just over a quarter of those choosing a New Year resolution saying they would drive more economically and a further 10% intending to drive less. This far exceeded the 12% going for road safety-related resolutions, perhaps because the cost of motoring threatens the way they live their lives.”

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