What's in a name?

An investigation by a leading motor insurance provider for females reveals the secret behind keeping points off your licence may well be the name you carry with you.

The fun research project looked at the names and profession of owners of more than 3 million car insurance policies on which to base their report, and the conclusions were more than a little interesting. For instance, the professions of those most likely to be caught speeding feature jobs that most people would place in the top echelons of society. Surgeons, chiropractors, chartered surveyors and commercial chairman all come in at the top of the rogues list whereas school students, typists and dinner ladies prove to be among the most law abiding motorists in the UK.

When it comes to names then if you are a male called Rupert, Julian, Piers, Giles and Justin it is highly likely you have points on your licence for speeding and the same applies to ladies called Alexis, Deidrie, Susannah, Justine or Juliet. The above clutch of names are the five top offenders in the UK while males called Terence, Connor, Joshua, Jake, and Jordan and females called Paige, Bethany, Lily, Shannon and Molly are some of the UK’s most responsible drivers. For names to feature in the report they had to occur at least 500 times and the same conditions applied to the professions.

Sian Lewis, managing director of the company who piloted the research, said “Our research does indicate that people with certain names and occupations are more likely to have a speeding conviction than others. It was most surprising to see surgeons and other well-qualified professions top the list of occupations most likely to have a speeding conviction. Many people would also consider the names Juliet, Alexis, Rupert and Piers as traditionally middle-class names so it’s also interesting to see them feature highly as well.”

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