Warning to drivers after cars are stolen while being defrosted

As the first cold snap of the winter hits the United Kingdom, motorists defrosting the car are been warned to not leave the it unattended after thieves have already struck a couple of times and are on the look out for more easy targets.

Police are now are urging all drivers to be extra cautious when removing ice and snow from their cars on winter mornings. Neighbourhood watch inspectors say that drivers will always be tempted to start the car and leave it running while the windows defrost. However, anyone leaving the keys in the ignition will only be giving an invite to any opportunist thieves. It is never a good idea to leave the car unsecured and unattended, even for only ten seconds. Police forces across the country are bracing themselves for such crimes and some unfortunate car drivers will be thinking back to their motor insurance quote and hoping their policy covers them.

Chief Inspector Amanda Blakeman said “The onset of icy weather traditionally leads to reports of such offences. Despite repeated warnings motorists continue to leave their cars unattended while warming up and de-icing them on driveways or on the street outside their properties. Nobody seems to think it’s going to happen to them but every winter we receive calls from people who are caught cold by car thieves when their backs are turned.

“Leaving your car with the engine running in icy conditions is an invitation to opportunist thieves who will look out for this and won’t hesitate to jump in the car and drive off with it when the chance presents itself. We want to make people aware that this does happen and to encourage them to be extra vigilant as they warm-up their cars, particularly as many insurance companies will not pay out for thefts in such circumstances.”

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