Volvo Approaching 3 Million Mile Mark

Irvin Gordon and his 1966 Volvo P1800S are no strangers to the world of motoring records but later this year they should create a very special record indeed.

Irvin and his bright red, two door Volvo are just 34,000 short of having travelled 3 million miles together, the car is already the highest mileage car in the world and one would question if any other car will ever get anywhere near the record they approach. It will certainly be the first car to have been covered with three million miles worth of motor insurance.

In fact the pair have held the Guinness Book of Records High Mileage Car Record since 2002 and there seems little likelihood of anyone ever getting it off them. Irvin recounts how he bought the car brand new for $4,150 in 1966. He was 25 at the time and said the price of the car equated to a year’s salary. He could not afford to have extras such as air conditioning but did fork out an extra $10 to get a radio fitted.

Now divorced Irvin travels around 80,000-100,000 miles a year in his car alone but in the early days his whole family went on road trips in the little red car. However, Irvin always kept to one rule and would not let anyone else drive it. He says he has had his favourite tipple, a cup of coffee, in every state of the USA and usually in the company of his Volvo. It took Irvin 21 years to reach the million milestone and then just 15 more to reach 2 million. He has already travelled to Texas, Montreal and Michigan from his New Jersey home this month and anticipates reaching the magic 3 million if not this year then certainly in 2013.

Irvin says the car has been lovingly restored several times and he constantly has to make repairs, but he carries as many spare parts possible with him when he travels and proudly asserts the car still has its original engine even though it has been rebuilt twice. Most of his journeys these days involve him going to motor shows, and the Volvo Company are immensely proud of the cars achievements and sponsor his trips. John Maloney, CEO of Volvo North America, said “I don’t think (just) any car could do it, it is a combination of a car beloved by his owner that has gotten Irv to this mileage.”

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