Vandals damage cars by placing nails on roads

The main point of car insurance is to protect your vehicle from any damages that occur when you are on the road, and generally most claims are concerned with accidents and dents caused by knocking into something. However, car insurance can also protect your vehicle against more serious problems such as theft and vandalism, which unfortunately is what some of the residents in Barne Barton in Plymouth are facing right now.

Police in the area have reported that vandals have been purposely placing nails on the road in order to damage cars, and so far there have been fifteen different cases reported from drivers who have had their tyres punctured. PSCO Mark Sowden who is part of the Barne Barton neighbourhood team, said: “We are aware that the first incident occurred on April 21 and the latest one was on April 27. Residents who park their vehicles in the car parks on Furse Park and Kelly Close have been affected and also drivers who have used the Savage Road junction closest Riverside school.

“These incidents have caused a lot of stress, upset and financial loss to the victims. We are aware that hundreds of these nails have been scattered in the car parks and on the road over this period of time. It appears that this has not been an accident, but someone doing this with the intent of causing as much disruption as possible. This incident is putting lives at risk and we are appealing directly to this person to stop their behaviour. Please can all residents check their vehicle before they drive.”

Not only are drivers in the area concerned over the fact that the nails could damage their tyres, but also that they could lead to serious accidents as well as hurt others that use the roads such as cyclists and pedestrians. Police have already appealed to local residents to contact them directly or Crimestoppers anonymously if they have any information, however it currently seems that most residents are confused as to who is committing the crimes and how they are doing it. For example, one resident said: “All the same nails have been used and we are not sure if someone is laying them down to drive over or putting them in people’s cars at night.”

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