Usual suspects caught in police road safety exercise

Motorists in Burnley, Lancashire came under the spotlight last week when the local police force launched a road safety initiative that unfortunately caught many drivers lacking.

A Road Policing Unit (RPU) set up roadside checkpoints throughout the town over the Bank Holiday weekend and made quite a catch. In all 57 motorists were fined for a variety of offences; the great majority for not wearing a seatbelt, displaying illegible registration plates, or speeding. There were more serious offenders apprehended by the checks though, including three drivers who could not provide a valid motor insurance policy. The three vehicles were seized by police and if the drivers cannot come up with a car insurance document in the next few days the cars could be destroyed.

Disappointingly, there were also a large number of drivers stopped for using a hand held mobile device while driving. In many cases the offending motorists were given the option of a fine or attending a driver improvement course.

PC Mick Raw, from the Pennine division of the RPU, was instrumental in setting up the road checks, and said “People who don’t wear a seatbelt or who use a mobile while driving know they are breaking the law and that they risk a fine and penalty points. What they might not realise is the danger they are putting themselves and other road users in. Drivers need to be aware of their responsibilities when it comes to road safety – losing your licence is a real risk, as is leaving behind a devastated family if you are hurt or killed in a crash. We will continue to run operations such as this to raise awareness about the consequences of driving dangerously. I urge motorists to consider others when using the roads in East Lancashire.”

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