Uninsured cars will be crushed under new laws

The Coalition Government have proposed that all uninsured cars are confiscated and crushed with the owner’s being fined, under tough new rules aimed at making the roads of the United Kingdom safer.

Under the new laws, it will become an offence to own a vehicle which is not insured even if the vehicle is not being driven. Unless the registered owner has filled in the SORN (Statutory off Road Declaration) form, which says that the vehicle is off the road, the tough new penalties will come into force and the car seized.

The Department for Transport will target the one million uninsured drivers in Britain under the new move and point out the scheme should help reduce the extra £30 each year that all responsible motorists have to pay when they get a motor insurance quote.

The new measures were originally proposed by the last Labour Government over four years ago as part of the Road Safety Act. The uninsured vehicles will be found by comparing the Motor Insurers’ Bureau records with those of the DVLA. Owners will be informed in writing that they face a £100 fine if the vehicle does not get insured by a certain date and if the vehicle still remains uninsured it could then be seized and crushed.

However, some motoring agencies believe the measures will do very little to combat the problem of anyone who drives deliberately without insurance, and may instead see the average motorist punished.

A spokesman for the AA said “This could hit people who happen to be away or in hospital when their car insurance is up for renewal. At the same time this will not deal with the sort of people who are not recorded at all by the DVLA. The big question is whether the Government will have enough money in its budget to publicise the change in law.”

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