UK Motor Manufacturers Enjoy Pride of Place in Motorist’s Affections

At a time when the whole of the UK prepares to immerse itself in a bout of national fervour, it appears that UK motorists have been proudly flying the flag by buying British manufactured cars in their thousands.

All over Britain people are getting ready to celebrate the Queens Jubilee and use it as a chance to express their national pride, however, statistics gleaned from the motoring website Autocar suggests we have been doing that when buying a car for some time now. A survey conducted by the website found that 6 out of 10 respondents who said they were preparing to buy a car in the next 6 months would be purchasing car insurance on a vehicle made in Britain.

When asked why they would buy British it became fairly clear just how much pride motorists take in their own country. Over 1 in 3 said they bought British because they were proud of their country and wanted to support it. Half said they consciously considered buying British made cars because they knew it would benefit the UK economy, and the remaining 20% said they simply believed the heritage and knowledge of motor engineering made UK built cars the best and most stylish in the world.

A spokesman for Autocar summed up the results of the survey by saying: “There’s definitely a sense of national pride in the air at the moment as people all around the country are gearing up for the Jubilee celebrations, and it’s great to see this patriotism reflected when it comes to our car-buying decisions. We should be proud of our country’s motoring heritage and it’s not surprising that Brits are still loyal to home-grown brands – we’ve produced some of the most iconic and head-turning motors for decades.”

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