Trowbridge driving instructors back on home ground

Last week saw the first driving tests for three years take place in Trowbridge. The towns driving instructors fought a long campaign to re-open the test centre that was closed due to Government cutbacks in 2008 and last Monday saw the fruits of their labour.

Instructor Dan Needham is delighted with the new facility in Trowbridge. For the last three years he has been picking his students up in Trowbridge and driving them to Chichester, the town with the nearest test centre, to practice their skills. However, now tests are back on in Trowbridge, Dan and his students will save time and money by cutting out the long drive to Chichester. It was one of Dan’s pupils; Danny Dominy who was the first learner to pass a test at Trowbridge after it re-opened.

Mr Needham said: “Danny had been putting his test off for years. When I found out that the test centre was re-opening, I told him and he jumped at the chance. It is fantastic because he passed straight away.” Danny is now looking around for cheap motor insurance on his first car. Mr Needham went on to add: “Having the test centre in Trowbridge has made a massive difference to both instructors and pupils.”

Tests are currently taking place on a trial basis every Monday and Tuesday at Trowbridge and if all goes well the tests will continue indefinitely. The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) will carry out a full assessment of the test centre during the trial, including any potential health and safety issues that have changed in the last three years, but are confident the campaigners have proved their point and the centre will be back in full time use early in 2012.

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