Trio of University Students Set off on 3,000 Mile Trip

Three students are hoping to avoid a claim on their cheap car insurance and any break downs as they attempt to drive more than 3,000 miles in a vehicle that is almost as old as they are. The students are taking part in the Sucata Split rally which will see them try to drive from Bruges in Belgium to Split in Croatia in a bid to raise money for a children’s charity.

What makes the challenge all the more difficult is that everyone taking part in the rally has to complete the whole trip in a vehicle that is worth under £350. Their car of choice is a 1994 Nissan 100x, which they bought on eBay. The students have also decided to extend their challenge and attempt to travel to eleven European countries in eleven days, pushing the Nissan car and their friendship to the limit. The three men, Thomas Hull, Sunny Radia and Dave Hood are hoping to raise £1,500 for their chosen charity Gemin-i, which works with underprivileged children to give them access to education.

Thomas, who studies business and ICT at Sheffield Hallam, said “We feel that education is sometimes taken for granted and we want to give children who are less fortunate than us the opportunity to improve their lives. The charity also focuses on connecting children from various cultures and backgrounds to help break down barriers with the ultimate goal of combating racism and prejudice worldwide. We have a basic knowledge of car maintenance and some phrase books for the countries we will be travelling through, but we hope we need neither of them.”

The team set off on Monday June 4th and will be writing a blog to keep people up to date with their progress; they also want followers of the blog to suggest challenges for them throughout their journey. The men are not 100% confident that the car will get them there and back but that is just part of the challenge.

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