Tractor Accident Demolishes Vehicles Outside Garage

Seven cars have been written off and a further seven severely damaged after a tractor and its trailer ploughed into a garage forecourt. The incident happened in the village of Torthorwald on the outskirts of Dumfries when the tractor and trailer mounted the pavement, went through a wall and ran over the cars.

Robert Murray, a partner at Torr Garage where the accident occurred, said “We estimate that the damage to the cars will run to more than £80,000. We don’t actually know what happened but we are thankful that the driver is all right and was only shocked like everyone else. I was standing only a few yards from where the tractor crashed and I called the emergency services. I saw the tractor run over two cars and then hit the others. We’re counting the cost and we have some written off and some damaged.”

Local residents have been asking the council for a by-pass for the village which sits on the Dumfries to Lockerbie road. This is the third major incident on the same stretch of road and local people say that unless the council take action quickly, then a serious accident will eventually happen. Looking at the aftermath it is amazing that nobody was hurt. Had there been a pedestrian walking past or coming in to look at the cars the result could have been very different. Luckily the garage had just opened so it was very quiet until the tremendous crash was heard.

Police closed a section of the road for three hours as they removed the damaged vehicles and cleared the debris using heavy breakdown vehicles. Five cars belonging to the garage were totally crushed with a further two parked on the street outside also written off. Seven more will require substantial repairs and motor insurance providers are now awaiting reports from the Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary investigations.

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