Test centre to continue after successful year long trial

A year long trial in Louth using an alternative driving examination centre has been declared a success and local drivers will continue to take their driving test in their home town. Learner drivers in the area have benefited from having a driving test facility again after The Driving Standards Agency closed the old test centre because they felt it no longer met the required standard.

Local driving instructors initiated a campaign to save the old test centre from closing which involved local councillors, learner drivers and MP Sir Peter Tapsell all taking an active part. The campaign originally failed but thanks to support from Councillor Pauline Watson and East Lindsey District Council, the driving instructors were able to approach the Driving Standards Agency to offer them the use of the Meridian Leisure Centre to host driving examinations. The first tests took place in July last year, and since the DSA have confirmed the trial has been a success, they fully intend to continue offering driving tests in Louth.

Mike Beecroft, chairman of the Louth Driving Instructors’ Association, said “Everybody is happy that we have a test centre here in Louth. The students are happy because they can have an hour’s lesson without having to pay for two hours to go to Grimsby and Skegness, we the driving instructors are happy and we know who the examiners are. We are delighted the trial has been a success. It was a hard fought campaign and we are pleased it has been a success.”

Figures released from the DSA show that in the first six months of tests taken at the Meridian Test Centre, 484 driving tests were conducted and 293 motorists were able to start looking for cheap motor car insurance after successfully passing the driving test. Following the success in Louth, the DSA has announced there will be another 21 locations which will benefit from a similar scheme.

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