Taking out the dog proves costly

A man made a bad decision when taking his dog out for a walk at midnight, which led to him losing his driving licence. He will also see an increase in his next motor insurance quote because of it. Philip Anthony Hubbert, a former security guard, went home after drinking alcohol at a darts presentation and then decided to take his dog for a midnight stroll to allow it a call of nature. Mr Hubbert then became concerned when he saw a group of teenagers outside the home and he did not want to walk past them so late at night. He decided to put the dog into his car and set off in the direction of the beach, however, his erratic driving led to him failing a breath test.

The prosecutor told how police on patrol at 12.40am on the Coast Road, saw Mr Hubbert’s Ford Fiesta driving towards them. His car was in the centre of the road, straddling the white lines, before veering back onto the correct side of the road. The police turned round and followed his car which stopped shortly afterwards. The police carried out a breath test which was positive and Mr Hubbert was taken to the police station where a further test showed he had 74mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath. This is more than double the legal limit of 35.

David Forrester, mitigating for Mr Hubbert, said “Before his arrest, he had been to a darts presentation. When he returned, he knew he had to take the dog out. But there was this group of youths outside and he didn’t want to walk past them at that time of the night, so he foolishly decided to take the dog to the beach.”

Hubbert who is 52 admitted driving with excess alcohol and received a driving ban of 18 months. He was also fined £100, along with £85 costs, and a victim’s surcharge of £15. He was also offered a drink drive rehabilitation programme which if he passes will reduce his driving ban by four months.

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