Suspected Arson Attacks in Shropshire Leave Police Bewildered

Police are investigating incidents which resulted in a number of vehicles being set ablaze overnight in Telford. Seven cars in total were affected during a period of just over half an hour between 1.52am – 2.17am.

Local policing teams in Telford are out and about talking to residents this week in an attempt to gather information about the fires. The police have warned the individual or individuals responsible that they will be dealt with very severely when they are finally identified. The police are encouraging anyone with information or suspicions about who started the fires to come forward with the details as soon as possible. The owners of the seven vehicles have had no choice but to claim on their car insurance policy.

The first vehicle set alight was a Nissan Juke which was completely destroyed. Just a few minutes later fire-fighters were called to a small fire that was alight underneath a Mini and almost immediately received another call where a third car, this time a Nissan Note, needed fire-fighters using breathing apparatus and a hose reel jet to put out the fire. The next car was a Ford Focus in a neighbouring street while the fifth vehicle, a saloon car, was destroyed by the fire. Finally two 4x4s were both set alight and destroyed. Additional patrols will be taking place in Telford over the next few days to provide reassurance to local people.

Speaking about these incidents, Acting Chief Inspector, Richard Langton, said: “These are worrying incidents and at the present time we cannot see any obvious reason why the vehicles have been targeted. Therefore we suspect this is just an act of blatant, irresponsible vandalism. Our officers will be working with fire investigators to establish the cause of the fires and forensic officers will be attending each scene to look for further evidence. Although we are investigating the obvious possibility that the same individual or individuals are responsible for each fire, we are keeping an open mind about who is responsible.”

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