Superstitious drivers wary of new 13 plates

When it comes to being safe while on the road, many people generally make sure that they adhere to practical measures, such as driving at the speed limit and wearing their seatbelts. However, some drivers are more superstitious, which is why many will not be investing in a new car soon due to the fact that the registration plate will include the number 13. The AA conducted a survey of twenty thousand drivers which revealed that many will re-consider buying a car this year due to the introduction of the ‘unlucky’ registration.

Due to so many potential buyers having triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number thirteen, the DVLA even debated extending access to the 62 plate so that car sales would not suffer, however this idea has now been scrapped. The AA survey showed that it is mostly older drivers who are concerned about owning a car with the new registration number, whilst a third of those surveyed said that they think it would be difficult to sell the car on in the future, or even decrease its value.

Ironically, the survey also showed that those who are concerned with having the number thirteen on their registration plate are actually safer drivers as they tend to be more cautious on the roads and keep their vehicles maintained well. Discussing the results, president of the AA Edmund King said: “The flip side is that superstitious motorists drive more carefully and look after their car better. The alternatives if you really don’t want a 13 plate is to pay out more for a personalised registration or bite the bullet and ride your luck. Of course, you could always carry a Saint Christopher.”

However, the AA have advised that if you are planning on buying a new car today that you should familiarise yourself with the features and technology of the car before heading out on the road. Generally, on days where new registrations are released the AA patrols are even busier helping those who do not know how to operate critical equipment such as indicators, lights, mirrors and windows. If you are planning on investing in a car with the new registration plate then make sure you search for car insurance quotes before you buy so you are covered if you do get some bad luck!

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