Speed Cameras turned off in Coventry

In our blog post yesterday we discussed how up to eight thousand drivers in the UK have twelve points on their licence due to speeding multiple times yet have not been banned from driving. It has been claimed that courts are not banning dangerous drivers as many claim that by doing so they would experience “extreme hardship”, however the fact that so many are allowed on the road means they could be a danger to themselves as well as other drivers.

Most of the time drivers are caught speeding by fixed speed cameras that are placed on roads where it is particularly dangerous to go over the speed limit. However, today it has been revealed that it has been decided by police in Coventry to turn off every single fixed speed camera in the area due to the fact that they are believed to be outdated. Fixed speed cameras use wet film in order to print photographs of those caught speeding and the police claim that it would be too expensive to convert all 304 in the area into digital cameras.

Therefore, this Monday the last fixed speed camera in Coventry was switched off, however many will not be removed so that they still act as a deterrent for drivers. From now on four mobile cameras installed into police enforcement vans will catch anyone speeding across the West Midlands, which the police believe is a suitable and more cost effective alternative. Discussing the new scheme, West Midlands Police assistant chief constable Garry Forsyth said: “The cameras currently in use require a major upgrade in order to remain effective and this would cost both the police and local authorities a considerable amount of money at a time of a reduction across public sector budgets.”

“However, we are committed to road safety and this is why we are due to increase the number of mobile speed cameras from two to four from April. Mobile cameras are deployed from the back of the enforcement van, allowing them to be moved around as needed and are clearly marked to indicate that they are conducting speed enforcement.” It is not yet to be seen whether the decision to change the traditional speed monitoring system will lead to drivers being more careless on the road, however drivers should be aware that if caught speeding or driving dangerously their car insurance quotes will increase, showing that being safe is always the best option.

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