Speed cameras reduce dangerous driving on A127

Last week we wrote an article discussing how all the static speed cameras in Coventry have been turned off due to the fact that the police have stated that converting them into digital cameras would be too expensive and not cost efficient. Therefore in the county there are now four mobile speed cameras in police vans instead, however it is yet to be seen whether this decision will have a detrimental effect on the roads.

Speed cameras are known as a great deterrent when it comes to speeding, as many drivers want to avoid paying an expensive fixed penalty notice and receiving points on their licence. We have recently seen how effective they can be due to reports that since installing speed cameras on the A127 in Essex three years ago, the number of drivers caught over the limit has decreased by a massive 75.5 per cent. Discussing the cameras, a spokesperson from Essex Police said: “Safety cameras on the A127 are having a positive effect on driver behaviour, according to the latest data.”

“The Essex Casualty Reduction Partnership is determined to continue working to improve the overall standard of driving and reduce casualties, and ensure those using the roads in Essex, do so in a safe and responsible manner.” Motorists in the area have also praised the installation of the cameras, and are even supporting more to be built along the same stretch of road. For example, driving instructor Tariq Musaji said: “Councils are cash strapped so I can understand where Essex County Council is coming from, but they want to cut casualties and reduce accidents then I think more cameras would help.”

“There must have been some prolific reason why they wanted to bring the cameras in the first place, they must have had some concerns. Any accident is a tragedy and I regularly see drivers breaking the speed limit where there are no cameras which needs to stop.” Driving under the speed limit is one of the best ways to stay safe on the road, which is why some car insurance providers are even introducing policies that depend on black boxes to monitor how safe drivers are on the road. Hopefully we will see even more measures introduced that will incentivise drivers to slow down and consider the safety of themselves and others.

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