Snow causes over three million pounds worth of Car Insurance claims

Last Thursday we were all advised that the upcoming snowfall across the UK would cause major disruptions to the roads and public transport. The predicted snow fall was to be so heavy that The Highways Agency even advised motorists to avoid driving in some parts of the country unless it was absolutely necessary. Now that the worst of the snow has passed we can see the after effects, especially when it comes to drivers who experienced accidents whilst out on the road.

The AA has said that last weekend could end up costing car insurance providers around three and a half million pounds. This figure is based on the amount of claims that AA took between Friday the 18th and Monday the 21srt of January, which was a total of five hundred, 45 per cent of which were due to accidents caused by icy conditions. As people tried to return to work on Monday nearly half of all claims were due to the weather conditions, as the increase in traffic and the icy roads meant many people still found driving difficult.

Director of AA car insurance Simon Douglas said: “Driving on ice or packed snow demands great care. And where snow has melted, leaving a wet surface, there is a risk of black ice which can catch drivers by surprise. Most drivers in such a situation over-react, making loss of control even worse.” The AA have said that almost seven thousand cars have encountered collisions in the past three days and that many have hit trees, fences, walls, kerbs and parked vehicles. They have even heard from one claimant whose car skidded down a hill hitting several parked vehicles and causing several thousand pounds worth of damage.

In order to be safe whilst driving in the snow, Mr Douglas had said that: “Good visibility is important at all times and especially so when the weather is poor. Pedestrians can slip off icy pavements while other vehicles can make unpredictable movements. You need the greatest opportunity to see what’s happening around you. People who drive around in cars that could be mistaken for an igloo are accidents waiting to happen. Not only can they see little of their surroundings but chunks of snow and ice fly off as they drive, posing a serious risk to pedestrians and other drivers.”

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