Signs installed to slow down Drivers in Suffolk

A fair amount of accidents are caused on the road due to the fact that one or both of the drivers involved are speeding. Speeding is one of the most common ways that most drivers break the law when on the road, and if caught by the police you could be subjected to a fine or even taken to court, which will lead to your car insurance quotes increasing. Residential areas are one of the most dangerous places to speed, as you are more likely to hit a pedestrian who is trying to cross the road or other drivers coming from the opposite direction.

This is why the police and local communities from Suffolk have teamed up in order to launch a new scheme to alert drivers when they are speeding in residential areas, and hopefully remind them to reduce their speed. They are planning on using ten Vehicle Activated Signs across the county in order to show drivers their speed in certain areas where they think the signs will have the biggest impact. So far, police officers have met with volunteers from thirty-nine different groups across the county in order to show them how the signs work, with some already using them in their area.

So far, volunteers from the local Community Speed Watch (CSW) have placed the signs in twenty-four different locations in the villages north of Lowestoft, Waverly, including in Flixton, Somerleyton, Sands Lane in Oulton, Church Lane in Lound, and Corton Long Lane in Blundeston. Discussing the new signs, local CSW co-ordinator Louis Smith said: “Community Speed Watch in villages north of Lowestoft has now been running for three years with eight or nine volunteers carrying out regular checks at locations in the six parishes and in the six parishes and ‘Sid’ [speed indicator device] is now complementing this work.

Meanwhile, Guy McGregor, cabinet member for roads and transport at Suffolk County Council said: “Many people, including pedestrians, cyclists and horseriders, are anxious about the speeds of vehicles on local roads. I am confident that the signs will help to encourage drivers to slow down and will also reassure vulnerable road users.” The local police have also supported the new scheme, with Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore saying: “Better road safety in Suffolk is a major priority of our new Police and Crime Plan.”

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