Scottish drivers suffer from snow on roads

It has been a high talking point across the UK over the past few weeks: spring has apparently not come this year and the winter seems here to stay. Whilst many of us begrudge the extended winter due to the cold, there are others that are truly suffering from the consequences of this unseasonable cold snap. For instance, in Scotland there has been chaos on the roads due to the fact that snow has covered a large part of the country, and some houses have even lost electricity due to high winds and blizzards.

Whilst Scotland is generally known to be slightly colder than the rest of the UK, the current weather is so out of the ordinary that people are struggling to stay safe on the roads. Due to snow drifts of up to fifteen feet and high winds, many motorists are becoming stranded in their cars whilst on the road, and emergency services are working around the clock to rescue those most in danger. Even though road services have been working to re-open some of the worst affected roads in Scotland, motorists are being warned to stay off the roads as much as possible.

Colin MacKenzie, of trunk road operators Amey, said: “With further snowfall, strong winds and blizzard conditions forecast for the evening, we appeal to motorists not to travel unless absolutely necessary. Amey will continue to focus our front line efforts on treating affected areas to ensure roads are kept open wherever possible. Although all routes are treated, we cannot guarantee they are ice free and we again urge motorists to drive to the prevailing weather conditions.”

Motorists need to be extremely careful when driving through snow or on icy roads as an accident could not only lead to injury but also increase your motor insurance quotes. In order to protect drivers across Scotland, speeding restrictions have been put in place across many roads as well as the Skye, Kessock, Frairton and Forth Road Bridges. Transport Minister Keith Brown said: “According to the Met Office, the cold weather looks set to continue for some time yet, so our winter fleet of 130 vehicles will be working flat out across the weekend on the trunk road network to provide gritting and road clearing operations.”

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