Scotland to lower Drink Driving limit

Drink driving is extremely dangerous, and a number of regulatory bodies have put measures in place in order to deter members of the public from drinking before getting behind the wheel. For example, motor insurance companies generally state in their clauses that the insurance policy will be void if you drive your vehicle over the limit, whilst police have the power to not only take away your licence but also prosecute you. At the moment, the drink drive limit is 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood; however some still argue that this is too lenient, including the Scottish government who are planning on reducing the limit.

The Scottish government consulted the public as to whether they supported lowering the legal alcohol blood level to 50mg per 100ml, and the Justice Secretary Kenny McAskill has said that three quarters of those surveyed agreed that it should be reduced. Kenny McAskill has therefore gone ahead and arranged formal talks with the police and the UK Government in order to officially reduce the limit. Mr Askill said: “Drink-driving can shatter families and communities and we must take action to reduce the risk on our roads. On average, 30 families every year have to cope with the loss of a loved one and around 900 people are treated for injuries cause by someone who thought it was acceptable to drink alcohol and get behind the wheel and drive.”

“We cannot let this continue. Lowering the drink-drive limit will help make Scotland’s roads safer and save lives. The evidence is clear and the vast majority of those who responded to our consultation support the Scottish Government’s plans for change. The consultation now allows us to progress to formal discussions with the police and the UK Government on the recalibration and testing of drink-drive enforcement devices to ensure prosecutions are as robust as possible.”

“Before a lower limit is introduced we will also consider issues such as how motorists driving into Scotland from England will be made aware of the lower limit. We are exploring options with Transport Scotland, police and justice and road safety partners as we move forward with our plans. Once we have progressed these issues over the next few months, I will be asking the Scottish Parliament to approve regulations to lower the limit.”

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