Sales of Electric Cars expected to double in 2013

In 2013 the sale of electric cars is set to double, especially as they are becoming cheaper and more charging points are being built across the country. In 2012 only three thousand electric cars were bought, which is set to rise to about six thousand this year according to Ben Lane from At the moment most electric cars are bought by businesses as part of their company car fleets, as it helps them reduce their carbon emissions and improve their corporate responsibility.

Lane has said that it is taking a long time for Britain to convert to electric cars, especially due to the fact that “The pricing is not quite right and the range is still not long enough. Very few people in 2012 were willing to pay a significant sum more for a car that still cannot do everything.” However, this is set to change as large car manufacturers are starting to produce electric cars that are more affordable, such as the Renault Zoe which costs only £13,650.

Furthermore, additional charging points are being built across the UK, with the number in London increasing from nine hundred to one thousand three hundred within the year. Those living in London and the east of England will now also be able to use each other’s charging points, whereas previously electric cars could not always be charged at points outside of the zone from which they originated.

The government has also already put aside £400 million for incentives that encourage members of the public to invest in electric cars. The Department for Transport said: “Electric vehicles are the arrowhead for a low-carbon revolution in motoring and we are determined to make sure the infrastructure is in place to encourage more and more people to make this switch.”
Those that decide to invest in an electric car this year will start to save money immediately as they will not have to worry about expensive petrol prices. It is important to also shop around for motor insurance that can provide specialists in electric cars whom can repair parts of the vehicle not found in more traditional models.

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