Residents Unhappy with Council Parking Decision

Residents of a small village are demanding the removal of double yellow lines from their main thoroughfare because of the increase in speeding cars since the council made the controversial decision. Residents pleaded with Warwickshire County Council earlier this year not to go ahead with the scheme and handed them a petition signed by 500 people. However, they went ahead and painted the double yellow lines.

Residents’ group RAPID (Residents’ Action: Parking in Dunchurch) have been campaigning against double yellow lines in Daventry Road for years because they feared an increase in speeding together with the loss of much needed parking. Now residents say their worst fears have been realised with an immediate increase in the speed of traffic. Residents have recently carried out their own speed survey which confirmed the average speed of vehicles going down the road was a potentially lethal 42.2 mph.

Villager Paul Callaway said: “Everyone has seen the government campaigns about 30 mph speed limits. The risk of death is about four times higher when a pedestrian is hit at 40 mph than at 30 mph. We live in a residential area where we are now much more likely to be killed when crossing our road. If the average speed is nearly 45mph, what on earth was the highest? We warned the council that this would happen but they wouldn’t listen – their decision was flawed. Surely now they have the facts, they need to reverse the decision to have double yellow lines? Or are they waiting for a catastrophe before they admit their obvious error?”

Residents are now demanding the double yellow lines be removed and feel it would be good for the village if the council admitted they made a mistake. However, a council spokesman said that removing the lines is not an option. They painted the lines to improve the poor visibility for motorists joining Daventry Road due to parked cars that had seen an increase in accidents and unwanted claims on motor insurance policies. The spokesman said parking on the road had been at times “absolutely chaotic” and they had to do something to improve the safety for people joining Daventry Road from side roads.

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