Residents angry after homes and cars hit in crime spree

A rash of overnight criminal activity in one Weymouth street has left a number of angry residents out of pocket. Vandals left a trail of destruction in Canberra Road as they damaged wing mirrors on a number of vehicles, while another resident woke up and found his motorbike had not just been stolen; they had set it on fire nearby.

Colin Harmer woke to find the wing mirror on his Nissan Note hanging off only days after vandals had smashed the back window of his car. These two separate incidents mean he has had to make two separate claims on his insurance, each claim costing him £75 in insurance excess and to make matters worse he will now experience an increase in premiums when he gets his next motor insurance quote. Ashley Hallett woke up and saw that five neighbours had their cars damaged and his motorbike was also gone. Police found it a short distance from his home and it had been burned and destroyed. It was his only way of getting to work and has now had to purchase a bicycle until his motorbike is replaced.

Jim White who had his wing mirror ripped off as well said: “The wing mirror was left on the floor and it really did spoil my day. We’ve lived here for four years and it wasn’t very pleasant when we moved here but it’s got a lot better. It’s been a very pleasant place to live until the last few days and I love it here. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”

The cars were damaged between midnight and 7am and the incidents come barely a week after five properties on the same estate were burgled on the same night. Police do not know if all the incidents are connected and have asked any resident with CCTV cameras to contact them if they have recorded any unusual activity.

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