Resident hopes giant road sign will make council Bow to pressure

A resident in rural Devon has come up with a contentious but ingenious way of slowing traffic down on the main road through his village.

Tim Backhouse was becoming ever more concerned at the speed traffic, and in particular vans and lorries, were doing through the village. Although the road is a 30 mph zone many motorists were travelling far in excess of the speed limit and he believed lack of action by the local council meant that drivers knew there was no chance of them incurring speeding fines or increased motor vehicle insurance quotes and therefore no incentive to slow down.

Because there is neither speed camera in the village of Bow, nor any traffic calming measures in place, Tim decided to introduce one of his own. The self-employed artist turned to the tools of his trade and painted a 15 foot 30 mph sign on the side of his house. Motorists can’t mistake it as they enter the village and Tim hopes it will do the trick. He said the A3072 (which cuts through the village) is a major route and yet there isn’t even a Zebra Crossing in the village; leaving local children in danger of being run over.

He stated: “There is no speed camera in the village so no incentive for people to abide by the law. If drivers just stuck to the speed limit Bow would be a much nicer place to live. I know it might seem like a bit of a drastic measure but I’m sick and tired of motorists, lorries in particular, speeding through. This way, I thought there’s no way they can miss the sign and might just get the message.

“My wife and I have only lived in the village for two years and I’ve got to admit we were apprehensive about how people would react, but everyone has been very supportive, the general feeling is that Bow has been forgotten about and something needs to be done.”

The local council says that although the sign is technically illegal they will take no action against Tim for the time being.

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