Research Shows One Fifth of New Cars are Failing their First MOT

Detailed independent research of 25 million MOT records shows that around one in five cars fail their first MOT test. A new vehicle does not have its first MOT test until three years after being bought brand new and this is the first time information on vehicle pass rates has been available to the general public with such detail. More importantly it means consumers will now be able to detect common failures by make and model based on factual data.

The research will help consumers make a better informed decision about which make of car to purchase and the motor insurance they protect it with. The people who carried out the research were quick to point out that many of the failures were down to the owner of the vehicle and were not always due to inherent faults with the vehicles. The majority of failures were down to lighting and signalling problems with a large number of failures specifically down to the positioning of headlights. A number of cars were even failed due to problems with the driver’s view of the road. The Chrysler 300C was the worst overall model with 38% failing the first MOT test. The Renault Megane was the biggest fail among family vehicles, as 29% failed the first test while the highest pass rates were Japanese manufactures: Lexus, Suzuki and Honda. Volvo was a surprising addition to the worst ten, as their vehicles have for a long time been traditionally known for their durability.

Daniel Harrison, a motor specialist, said “This is information that is being kept secret from car owners. VOSA even fought to keep it from public view, and this is the first time so much detail has been revealed in a format easy for consumers to access. Families struggling to get by can take this information and use it to make sure they aren’t failing a MOT test for something they could have fixed beforehand.”

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