RAC launches new device to warn drivers of car faults

Breaking down is never welcomed, which is why drivers generally make sure that their cars are well maintained and have an adequate amount of petrol before setting off on their journeys. However, there are some things you will not be able to accommodate for unless you are a mechanic – such as the battery draining or other more technical faults with your car. Generally these problems come as a nasty surprise, which is why most people try and include breakdown cover when they are looking for car insurance quotes.

However, the RAC has now announced that they have created a small device that can fit into your car and can alert you of any faults before it’s too late. The device, named the RAC Advance, is the size of a matchbox and fits into the scart socket next to the steering column, where mechanics and technicians generally connect their diagnostic equipment. This mini-computer then collects data concerning your vehicle, which can be received automatically via a text, phone call or email, meaning that drivers have the opportunity to fix the problem before it leads to the car breaking down.

It is claimed the device will be able to detect problems with the engine, gearbox and accelerator, as well as monitor battery failure or drain, which are some of the most common causes of a vehicle breaking down. Not only this, the device can also check for break wear, throttle problems and if the diesel filters have become clogged, and the data can be accessed remotely on the driver’s their phone, tablet or PC whilst. If a driver does break down, the RAC Advance uses 3G technology to automatically alert the RAC, and inform them of the exact location of the vehicle, as well as the faults in the car for when the technician arrives.

David Bizley, RAC technical director said: “Offering peace of mind in a box, RAC Advance will revolutionise how we deal with our members. Some breakdowns can be avoided with a preemptive warning and intervention and this will significantly advance how we are able to deal with a breakdown or accident. With an accurate fault diagnoses and vehicle location, our patrols will be able to reach members more quickly and where possible, prepared with appropriate replacement parts. Our promise is to be the motorist’s champion and our aim is to make it easier, safer, and more affordable for our members to own and run a car.”

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