Potholes still a big problem for drivers

Research has shown that a third of motorists have had their vehicles damaged by a pothole on the roads of the United Kingdom. The worrying figures were released by the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) who carried out the research.

A further 18% of those questioned said they have either been involved in, or have seen an accident which was caused by a driver hitting a pothole. Of the 3000 drivers who took part in the research, nine out of ten voted repairing potholes as the top priority for local council maintenance departments. Only 12% thought that the council’s current performance on maintaining the roads was good. In fact one of the questions on the survey was “What areas of road maintenance were being done well by the council?” to which 53% responded ‘none’, and half of the 3000 also thought that the roads were getting worse every year. With the premiums on a motor insurance quote increasing each year, some drivers are reluctant to claim for damage caused by a pothole.

IAM director of policy and research Neil Greig said: “The public is unhappy with the state of their roads, although many realise that spending cuts are the real problem. Eighty per cent of those polled thought that local councils should work more closely together to increase efficiency, and with no loosening of the public purse strings in sight it will take partnerships to ensure the backlog in road maintenance does not continue to stack up.”

The survey also revealed the majority of drivers believe roads are in such a poor state that they are unable to keep up with speed limits. Drivers are also worried about those who travel on two wheels as they are in constant danger of physical harm if they hit damaged sections of roads. They are also fed up with paying ever increasing fuel prices and road tax and feel some of this money should go on repairing the roads.

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