Police take tough stance on anti-social drivers

A Scottish police force are assuring members of the public that they will not allow anti-social motorists to ruin the lives of law abiding citizens, as they crack down on rogue drivers. Forfar Community Council was given an update on the policing issues regarding anti-social driving during their latest meeting, where the local police force revealed they had seized 32 vehicles as part of the ongoing operation.

The behaviour of some motorists in one local area is constantly raised at community council meetings, with the antics of “boy racers” being the top complaint. The drivers are regularly being reported and nearby residents are also complaining about the amount of noise they are making.

At the meeting Constable Smith said: “Tayside Police continues to deal with numerous complaints of anti-social behaviour on the roads and car parks. A robust stance against this type of behaviour is taken. So far Tayside Police in Angus has issued 146 warnings in relation to anti-social behaviour driving, and 31 vehicles were seized as a result of a second warning.”

The Police scheme involves giving a warning ticket to anyone guilty of Anti-social driving and if they were caught again within six months, the police seize the vehicle. Tayside Police are also taking action against anyone caught drink driving as it continues to be a significant issue in Angus. Tayside Police have officers on the roads to carry out high visibility checks at peak times which it is hoped will provide reassurance to residents and make the areas safer.

The future prospects for a driver who is caught drink driving or a young driver who has their car seized or not good. Apart from a driving ban or points on their licence they can also expect a large increase in premiums when next getting a motor insurance quote. With young drivers already facing expensive insurance quotes, this could force them off the road completely.

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