Police Issue Tickets to Drivers Who Pose A Threat

A motorist travelling at 130 miles per hour was just one of more than 160 motoring offences detected in a road safety blitz around Dorchester at the weekend. The driver of the Audi was caught during the “Surround a Town” initiative that saw police officers out in force to crack down on offending motorists who posed a threat to other road users.

By 3pm on Saturday police officers had issued 79 tickets for offences such as using a hand held mobile phone, speeding, and driving without a seatbelt. The total number of offences picked up over the two days was 160 with the great majority of them being motorists driving above the speed limit. Of the 27 drivers given a fine for not wearing a seatbelt, every single one of them opted to attend a free seatbelt awareness course at Brownsword Hall in Poundbury instead of paying the fine. The total number of motorists issued with fines during the operation was significantly lower when compared to the results of a similar exercise carried out in the county in 2010, when 295 offences were recorded.

Project manager for Dorset Road Safe ‘No Excuse’ campaign, Brian Austin, said “It is very encouraging to see such a significant decrease in the number of offences detected in Dorchester during this year’s event compared to 2010. Hopefully this reduction in offences shows that our road safety messages are being followed by motorists.”

The police also made a point of telling all who received a fine or points, or both, to contact their motor insurance company as soon as possible because it is quite likely that their premiums will need adjusting. Failure to do so may also see the policy become invalid if and when the driver needs to make a claim. Other motorists who were prosecuted included the driver of a VW Golf towing an abnormal load past a marked police car whilst at the same time texting his wife and a man driving his friend’s BMW who overtook an unmarked police car at 99mph on the Tolpuddle bypass.

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