Police crack down on defective cars in Hull

Keeping your car well maintained can sometimes slip your mind, however the consequences of driving a vehicle that isn’t up to scratch can be disastrous. If your car is not maintained properly, not only could it mean that you could be involved in an accident, but you could also be fined by the police which will eventually lead to your car insurance quote increasing.

This is why police from the Hull and East Yorkshire area have been cracking down on vehicles that are not properly maintained. Last month the police launched a series of random spot checks on vehicles in the area, and found that hundreds were not maintained properly, with many having bald tyres or broken lights. The police blame the fact that many drivers are currently facing financial difficulties due to the poor economic climate, and therefore are putting off fixing defects in their vehicles in order to save money.

Casualty reduction officer for Hull, PC Keith Ward said: “We are finding, due to austerity, people are scrimping on things and we are seeing more vehicles with defects. Drivers are cutting back on things such as services and I have come across drivers whose tyres are nearly down to the limit and they say they are waiting until they have their MOT. This is a bad attitude to have and it is not one I like to see.” During the spot checks, sixty one drivers in Hull and eighty in East Riding were issued vehicle defect forms, which require the owner of the vehicle repair their cars in two weeks or pay a fine.

The most common reason for vehicle defect forms being issued was tyres that had a tread depth of less than the legal limit of 1.6mm. PC Ward said: “People need to be checking their tyres regularly as they are our only contact with the road. It is particularly important in the winter, when the weather is cold and there is snow and ice on the roads. The weather is still cold now and we could still experience snow. Things such as not having enough tread on your tyres can cause collisions.”

“Ultimately, we want to see fewer collisions and fewer people being injured. It is very important that drivers check their tyres and lights and replace them immediately or face the consequences. Drivers should not be complacent and ensure their vehicles are fit for the road.”

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