Police arrest hundreds of people across the UK for drink driving

Last week we published a news story discussing how police across the UK are currently cracking down on drink driving which they claim is worse during the summer months where people enjoy alcohol more frequently during the day time. Police officers have set up check points throughout the country in order to catch those who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol while behind the wheel, and so far hundreds of people have been caught.

In Scotland alone 125 people were convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol, while 13 more were arrested for being unable to drive due to the effects of drugs or alcohol. Discussing the arrests, Inspector Ian Martin said: “As we have continuously warned those who intend to flout the law by engaging in this socially unacceptable practice to expect similar action when they are caught and appear at court.”

“It is Police Scotland’s stated aim to Keep People Safe on our roads and we will do everything we can to ensure this. For that we need people to be vigilant and to drive safely and sensibly and not put their lives and the lives of others at risk. The level of support we have received from the public has been outstanding. It is very much apparent that the vast majority of our communities do not tolerate the selfish conduct by those who are prepared to drive under the influence of drink or drugs.”

Meanwhile the Thames Valley and Cambridgeshire police have arrested thirty people in each of their districts for drink driving, each of which have had their licences revoked for a year, their motor insurance policies declared void. Inspector Mark Rogers from the Cambridgeshire constabulary said: “On average three drink drivers have been arrested a day since the campaign began. This is an unacceptable number and we will continue to target those who are putting themselves and others at risk by driving under the influence.”

“It is encouraging to see two arrests resulting from the confidential number as the support and involvement of local communities is essential to tackling this issue. People may not feel comfortable reporting drink drivers so the confidential line is available to allow people to do this without having to leave their details. I would encourage everybody to help us in taking these dangerous people off the roads.”

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