Police are to target females in their festive drink driving campaign

Females are being warned about the dangers of drink driving as the festive party season is fast approaching. Police feel that females in their 30s are most at risk and they will be the focus of this year’s crackdown.

At the launch of Oxfordshire’s annual operation against the drivers who ignore the law, police confirmed that they will be out on the county’s roads 24 hours a day to ensure that they can target any lunchtime drinkers, drivers who decide to take a risk and drive home after the office Christmas party and any drivers who are still over the limit the morning after drinking heavily the previous night. The police also promised to arrest any driver who is under the influence of drugs. Anyone who is arrested will find their premiums on a motor insurance quote going up once their ban has been served.

Police Inspector Peter Clark said: “We have been targeting certain age groups and we have seen a spike in drivers aged in their 30s and an increase in the women who are prepared to drink and drive. Normally it’s the young male driver who has been highlighted, but over the last year or so we’ve seen an increase among women. There were sixty-four positive tests in December last year. These are people who are still prepared to get in their cars after drinking more than the legal limit.”

Last years festive campaign saw 1,800 breath tests implemented with just sixty-four motorists found to be over the limit, the police feel this is sixty-four too many and want all drivers to consider the risk they pose to themselves and others when they drink and drive. Police will be out with speed guns in both busy and rural areas. There main message will be for everyone to have a good time and then get home safely and where possible there should be a designated driver.

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