Petrol prices increase across Europe

Due to the recession many people in the UK no longer have the funds to pay for a traditional holiday in the summer, which is why many now choose to drive to Europe in order to save money. However, it has been reported today that from now on this may not be as cheap as everyone had hoped, especially as a number of countries across Europe have recently increased their petrol prices. In a survey conducted by Post Office Travel Money, nearly half of all the eighteen countries that took part said that they have increased the amount they charge for petrol, meaning that holiday goers need to check before they leave so they don’t get a nasty surprise.

One of the most popular countries that Brits usually drive to in Europe is Spain, however this may all change soon especially as they have increased their petrol prices by 7.4 per cent to £1.30. Furthermore, in France – which is currently the most popular destination for British tourists – now charges £1.56 per litre of petrol, while in Norway the price is a massive £1.79 per litre. Discussing the figures, Andrew Brown, a spokesperson from Post Office Travel Money said: “It may not make sense for holidaymakers to plan big detours just to save a few pounds, but the higher price of motoring on the Continent this year means they should plan their routes carefully before setting out so they keep costs down.”

“One of the ways in which holiday motorists can keep fuel costs to a minimum is to detour off the motorways to fill up at a supermarket. Just like in the UK, these can be the cheapest places to buy fuel, whereas motorists are likely to find the highest prices on the main roads.” Other ways that drivers can save money when driving through Europe this summer is to make sure they drive slowly and efficiently, not to over-pack and therefore make the car too heavy, and check online to see if you can get cheap car insurance that will cover you while you are away.

It seems as though the rest of Europe is starting to reflect the same situation in the UK when it comes to the price of petrol, however there is some good news for those who want to save some money. If you travel to Andorra you will be able to fill up your tank for just £1.17 per litre!

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