Parents now Getting lifts from their Children

During the Christmas festivities many of us struggle to arrange getting to and from events, especially due to the fact that there is limited public transport, and taxi firms generally charge extra at this time of the year. That is why many parents are now turning to their children to give them lifts, in a role reversal that is becoming more and more popular.

According to new research that was released today, once a child is seventeen, passes their driving test, and owns a vehicle with car insurance, parents are now looking to them for lifts. Apparently, four out of five (79%) out of all parents that were surveyed by Opinium for Churchill admitted to accepting lifts off of their children. However, whilst half of those surveyed said they saved money from getting lifts off of their children instead of taking public transport, a quarter admitted that they pay their children the same amount for the ride. Another quarter of parents even said that they pay their children more than they would have to if they took public transport, meaning that the average cost of a lift from your children adds up to £11.16.

Many parents make good use of having their child give them lifts, with eight per cent of those surveyed saying that they get lifts from their children once a month, while six per cent said they get a lift once a week. Many parents admitted that the main reason they asked for lifts from their children is so that they can have a drink and not worry about how to get home. Tony Chilcott, head of Churchill car insurance said “The wonderful thing about family is that you know you can always rely on them to help you out when you need a favour. So now that the party season is well under way, if you are going to drive – don’t drink, if you are going to drink – don’t drive! This may well mean calling upon a family member to give you a lift.”

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