New plans to fine motorists who enter Advanced Stop Lanes

Last Friday we published an article discussing how BSM and the AA Driving School are both planning on introducing training for learner drivers so that they respect cyclists and have more respect for other road users. Now, it has been announced that Transport for London are planning on introducing more CCTV cameras across the capital in order to catch motorists who enter Advanced Stop Lanes at traffic lights. Advanced Stop Lanes were introduced in London in order to give way to cyclists at traffic lights, […]

Drivers convicted unfairly for out of date licences

Every ten years all motorists are required to update their licences with a new photograph so that they are easily identified by the DVLA and the police. If caught with an out of date licence you could find yourself in legal trouble, however as one man recently pointed out in court the police had illegally given points to people who had failed to update their licence in the required time.

New app helps motorists find their parked vehicles

Due to the decline of the high street, most people now go to large superstores in order to do their weekly shopping, and as these places are so popular they naturally have large car parks. This can be problematic at times, especially if you forget where you have parked your vehicle as it could take you a long period of time to find it, which isn’t easy if you are carrying a large amount of shopping or if it’s pouring with rain.

Learner drivers to be taught about cyclist safety

This week there has been a shocking news story about a woman knocking a cyclist off of their bike and then tweeting “Definitely knocked a cyclist off earlier – I have right of way he doesn’t even pay road tax.” After seeing this tweet the cyclist, Mr Toby Hockley, contacted the police and had the 21 year old Miss Emma Way interviewed by police. Furthermore, the tweet went viral around twitter, leading to Miss Way receiving backlash from a number of other users […]

Nissan to recalls thousands of vehicles

It has been announced today that the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan will have to recall over eight hundred thousand cars due to the fact that there have been reports that the steering wheels are faulty and could come off in the drivers’ hands. Only the Nissan Micra has been affected, however as almost 150,000 were sold between December 2002 and May 2006 in the UK alone understandably there are concerns from the general public.

Electric car manufacturer Tesla makes a profit

The electric car market is currently extremely tough, and many people still don’t have much faith when it comes to companies that manufacturer just electric vehicles such as Tesla Motors. However, it was announced yesterday that the company has actually achieved a massive $11.2 million in profit and produced over five thousand Model S units. Discussing the success of the company, founder and CEO Elon Musk said: “They didn’t believe we’d do these numbers so they didn’t quite tool up for the forecast […]

Will Hollywood make drivers safer?

Around twenty years ago there was a massive campaign on the behalf of a number of American anti-drink driving charities and the Frank Stanton Director of the School of Public Health’s Center for Health Communication Jay Winsten to make the term ‘designated driver’ more common among the public. They achieved this by appealing to some of the most popular TV shows around at that time such as “Cheers” and “The Cosby Show” to include the phrase during their programmes, and sure enough the plan worked […]

Number of parents driving children to school increasing

We have all seen adverts on the television and in newspapers urging parents to introduce more exercise into their child’s daily routine as there are concerns that childhood obesity is increasing rapidly here in the UK. Exercise is an important part of anyone’s lifestyle, and as most of these adverts state, there are some easy ways to increase the amount of activity you do on a daily basis, including walking to and from places that are of a reasonable distance.

Government introduces new traffic court for motorists

Motorists who are caught speeding, have twelve points on their licence, are caught driving without car insurance or jump red lights will now be sent to a new traffic court that the government are creating so that the cases can be dealt with quicker and the magistrates courts can be freed up to deal with other cases. According to the Ministry of Justice almost half a million people have to go to a magistrates court each year for driving offences, which means that cases […]

Commuting times increase in the UK

When looking to buy a new car most people keep in mind that the majority of the time they will be using it is for when they are commuting to work, which is why they choose a car that is comfortable, reliable and fuel efficient. Commuting to and from work can take up a large portion of a person’s day, and now it has been revealed that even more people are starting to commute for up to three hours per day.