One-Hundred and Fifty Tyres slashed in Swindon

When driving, if you experience an accident with another driver the costs can usually be covered by car insurance, and if it is the other drivers’ fault you will only have to pay a small amount of excess depending on your policy. However, if another driver is uninsured or if you find that someone has damaged your car without you knowing then unfortunately you will have to pay for the costs yourself or through your car insurance, which could mean your insurance premiums go up.

This is why residents across a wide area of Swindon were angered and upset to find that one-hundred and fifty tyres had been slashed overnight on cars parked on local streets and in the car park of a nearby Marriot hotel. Enter rows of cars had been affected, and now the police have launched an investigation including foot patrols and forensic units across the area in order to find out more information on who caused the damages.

One resident of Dixon Street, forty-nine year old Andy Notton found two tyres on his son’s Ford Transit Van punctured. He said: “It’s sad it’s probably been done by people who live at home with their parents. The only way to get retribution is to slash some of their possessions, like their clothes and their bedding, and let them see how it feels. It’s just stupid.” Meanwhile, another resident, twenty-six year old Kayleigh Hall found all four tyres of her Mini Cooper convertible slashed, and said: “It’s just baffling why someone would want to do this. I think only the people who did this know what their motive was.”

Another neighbour, thirty-three year old project manager Sian Wilson had three tyres on her Vauxhall Astra slashed. She said: “That’s the holiday fund out the window. Once you consider the excess and the high premiums there is no point claiming it on insurance. Words can’t describe what I think about whoever was behind this. Times are hard enough as it is.” Police have said that they do not believe a knife was used to puncture the wheels, but a sharpened tool such as a sharpened screwdriver.

East sector inspector Joe Saunders said that the damage was inflicted on the vehicles between 2 and 4am and that: “We have not made any arrests but detectives are following up lines of inquiry.” Sergeant Gavin Williams also commented on the case and said: “This incident is being robustly resourced and, if needs be, I will assign more officers to this case. Someone knows who is responsible and I would urge them, or the perpetrators, to come forward immediately.”

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