October is becoming worse than December for drink driving

Police in Cambridgeshire may have to have a rethink about their main anti drink driving campaign as October looks like it is overtaking the festive season as the worst month. Police believe the reason could be that the autumn month is a time when most birthdays fall as it comes nine months after the previous year’s festive celebrations!

In October 2010, police arrested 97 drink-drivers in Cambridgeshire and 85 in December. Last year, police caught 101 motorists over the alcohol limit in October, compared with 93 in December. Road safety charity Brake wants the police to ramp up drink-drive crackdowns and would like to see the same level of action every month of the year, and is also calling for a zero tolerance legal drink-drive limit. They believe even the tiniest amount of alcohol will impair judgment and the evidence shows that zero tolerance and stepping up police enforcement checks are both highly effective in cutting accidents involving drivers who are over the limit.

Pc Steve Gedny, Cambridgeshire Police’s casualty reduction officer, said “We get a bit of flack from the public about campaigns that we do but what they don’t realise is that we are out every day stopping drink-drivers, as these figures show. Drivers who are stupid enough to drink and drive and put themselves and other lives in danger do this any time of the year. Looking at the figures for October last year, they do stand out. But in October this year we have 38 drink-drivers caught so it could be a blip. We would consider a campaign for October but need to look into it further. Anything that would help save lives is welcome.”

Motor insurance firms would also like to see the police focus on drink-driving throughout the year to act as a deterrent to drivers flouting the law. It costs the insurance industry a huge amount of money each year when they pay out on claims that have been caused by drivers over the limit.

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