North-East Scotland has the most car accidents

Researchers have carried out an extensive report to find out where the most road accidents occur in Scotland. The ‘crash map’ identified the north east of the country as being the area in which motorists are most likely to be involved in an accident that requires a claim on a car insurance policy.

The map, compiled by the ABI (Association of British Insurers), shows Banff and Buchan as the hotspots that send shivers down the spine of car insurance firms, followed by West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine which came in third and fourth place. Other rural areas occupy the next three places while Scotland’s cities appear to be relatively safe. Road safety experts believe a culture of fast driving as well as more long distance driving as a major contributory factor to the statistics. In response to the map’s findings the ABI has published a manifesto aimed at cutting the toll of death and injury.

Ian Wallace, chief inspector for the police force in Grampian, was not surprised to see the north east topping the list, he said “There has to be an element of drivers not adhering to the rules of the road and our figures show about 30% of our drink drivers are between 17 and 25. The north east does benefit in being relatively prosperous and there is no doubt younger people have access to a much better range of cars than they had 10-20 years ago.”

Aberdeenshire Police have just completed a programme called “Safe Drive Stay Alive” which involved going to every school and using dramatic recreations to bring home the devastation of road traffic accidents. The police are aware that young drivers in particular have not yet fully developed their risk awareness skills which only come from experience and maturity and they want to make sure that young drivers are fully aware of what can go wrong. A year long probation period for younger drivers is currently being tested in Northern Ireland and Scotland’s law makers are keeping an eye on the results of this trial.

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