North East now has the lowest road death rate in the United Kingdom

The North East has been revealed as the area in the United Kingdom with the lowest rate of road deaths. The IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) says the area is setting the standard for the rest of the United Kingdom after the study showed area had a road death rate of 2.8 in 100,000 residents.

However, it was also pointed out that vehicle ownership is much lower in the North East than anywhere else in the United Kingdom, with the number of drivers getting a motor insurance quote dropping in the last two years. This has been put down to the economy of the region. North-East MEP Fiona Hall welcomed the news on the low death rate but also warned that there was still a number of dangerous stretches of road which needed investment to make them safer.

The figures were released in a report which compared all the road safety data from throughout the UK. Out of all the home nations, England came out on top as having the safest roads. While the North East is the safest place to be a driver in England, the East Midlands came out as the most dangerous, with 5.1 deaths per 100,000 residents.

MEP Fiona Hall said “The figures look good, but we have some bad black-spots, such as certain parts of the A66, the A167 and the non-duelled parts of the A1, which urgently need to be improved. Even if these headline figures seem good, it is important to mention that some road users remain particularly vulnerable, and cyclists are among that group.”

The research shows that the risk of being killed on the roads of the UK varies considerably from one area to another and this is backed by the fact that road deaths in Northern Ireland were double that of the North East. The Institute of Advanced Motorists have contacted the Government (both central and local) to bring the rest of the United Kingdom up to the high standard of the North East.

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