Nissan to recalls thousands of vehicles

It has been announced today that the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan will have to recall over eight hundred thousand cars due to the fact that there have been reports that the steering wheels are faulty and could come off in the drivers’ hands. Only the Nissan Micra has been affected, however as almost 150,000 were sold between December 2002 and May 2006 in the UK alone understandably there are concerns from the general public.

In a statement issued today, a spokesman from Nissan Motor GB said: “Over time, the nut that holds on the steering wheel can become loose. Drivers could start notice some wobbling of the wheel and if this is ignored there is the possibility that it could come completely off.” The spokesmen went on to say that even though steering wheels have come off in some of their vehicles in Japan so far there have been no reports of this happening in the UK, and added: “There have been a few incidents of steering wheels becoming loose, but there have been no accidents.”

In another statement, the firm said: “Nissan is writing to owners of its Micra models built between 2nd December 2002 and 12th May 2006 asking them to take their car to a Nissan dealer for a free check to ensure the steering wheel securing bolt is tightened sufficiently. In some cases the steering wheel securing nut has gradually become loose. This would soon become apparent to the driver and there is no risk of a sudden failure, but if left unchecked this could eventually lead to the steering column being damaged. The check will take less than 15 minutes at a dealer.”

This is not the first time that Nissan have had to recall a large number of their vehicles, for instance in April they recalled 1.73 million due to faulty passenger-side airbags, while just last September the company had to recall over fifty thousand vehicles due to another steering wheel fault. Luckily for their customers, each of the 800,000 cars recalled today will be fixed for free and should not affect their car insurance, however this error could hamper Nissan as a company and drastically reduce its profits for the year.

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