Nissan reach their ambitious target quicker than expected

Nissan are celebrating after their ambitious online campaign that was designed to get one million people “turned on” to electric vehicles, hit its target a couple of weeks ahead of time. The initial plan was to reach the one million mark in one-hundred days, but the campaign captured the imagination of people so much that the milestone was reached 13 days ahead of schedule.

Paul Willcox, senior vice president for sales and marketing at Nissan in Europe, said “We are delighted to have hit one million “turn ons” ahead of schedule. It shows that more and more people are realising that cars like Nissan LEAF are a real alternative. While Nissan might have reached its target early, “The Big Turn On” will continue to spread the word about the 100% electric LEAF.”

The campaign was not just about encouraging drivers from Germany, France, Holland and the United Kingdom to consider the benefits of zero-emission driving, it was also about teaching people that the Nissan LEAF is incredibly safe, environmentally friendly, allows the owner to get a cheaper motor insurance quote and is also incredible economical to run. The campaign also explained that the range between charges will be enough for the vast majority of daily trips for the average driver.

At the outset of the project Nissan announced that when they reached the one-million mark, the city with the most drivers turned on to electric vehicles would win 30 Nissan Quick Chargers, while the person who encouraged the most people to join the campaign would win a brand new Nissan LEAF. The winners will be announced shortly. The chargers featured in the prize are among 400 chargers that Nissan will donate to cities across Europe within the next 12 months to speed up infrastructure development. The batteries in the Nissan LEAF can be charged to 80% in just 30 minutes meaning waiting is down to a minimum.

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