New Electric Car Racing Series to be introduced

Due to the decreasing amounts of fossil fuels and increasing concerns over global warming there have been calls for more electric cars to be sold on the car market. In order to better interest in electric cars, the motorsport governing body FIA is planning on introducing an electric car racing series next year. Lord Drayson, former science minister, is running one of the first teams that are to sign up for what will be called ‘Formula E’, and says that the electric car industry will improve in 2013, especially due to the fact that new electric models will be introduced such as the Tesla S and the BMW i-series.

“The usual journey of new technology goes through is that when it’s first announced you get huge interest and therefore hype over its potential,” said Drayson, “Quite soon people realise that the technology at that stage is not living up to the hype, because it never can, and then you get disillusionment and it overshoots on the downside too.” Drayson believes that the introduction of Formula E will not only increase interest in electric cars, but also improve the technology available. He said: “Electric cars will be another example of where motorsport has introduced a new technology which has gone on to be applied more generally.”

“Motorsport has a very important role in accelerating innovation in these areas and making these new clean technologies cool and exciting, rather than being seen as dull and boring. The thing that will be great about Formula E from cities’ point of view will be that it will be a great platform from which to promote the adoption of electric cars. The events will attract a lot of new interest and will redefine what people believe the electric car can do.”

It will be interesting to see how the introduction of Formula E will change the electric car market, as well as sister industries such as car insurance providers who will have to adapt their policies as electric cars become more popular. In a world where environmental concerns are becoming more pressing, it is important for societies to start investing in electric vehicles, with Drayson saying: “We’ve got to reduce the impact that private transport is having and the electric car, using clean, renewable energy, is the answer to that.”

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