New app helps motorists find their parked vehicles

Due to the decline of the high street, most people now go to large superstores in order to do their weekly shopping, and as these places are so popular they naturally have large car parks. This can be problematic at times, especially if you forget where you have parked your vehicle as it could take you a long period of time to find it, which isn’t easy if you are carrying a large amount of shopping or if it’s pouring with rain.

This is why one company has come up with a way to solve this problem by creating a new App that remembers where you have parked and helps you find your vehicle if you forget. The ‘Park and Find’ App, created by RDM Telematics, has already sold one thousand copies on the Apple App store, which has led to the company hoping that their three new ideas will also succeed in the near future. Discussing the app, head of RDM Telematics Dr Richard Fairchild said: “In a nutshell, our App helps the user to find their vehicle when parking in unfamiliar car parks by allowing them to record its location through both GPS and by taking a picture.”

“This is particularly useful if you are in a foreign city or at a massive venue when everything looks the same and there could be thousands of spaces…airports, shopping centres and theme parks spring readily to mind. We’ve all been in that situation. There’s a lot of hidden gems built into ‘Park and Find’ too, including setting your own reminder for when payment is expiring, a notes section for easy reminders and camera facility to automatically record any damage that might have occurred. Better still, the ‘Find my Car’ button takes you to a selection of maps, which will create a walking route direct to your vehicle.”

In the future, the company is planning on creating a telematics App that can monitor driving behaviour from a users’ iPad, however Mr Fairchild said: “We can’t say too much about this concept, but it really brings together our core telematics technology and marries it with our emerging expertise in mobile App development. This is the way both the consumer and industry are going and we want to position ourselves to be at the forefront of the new innovations.” This type of technology will hopefully improve the safety of vehicles in the future, which could save users thousands of pounds per year by not having to claim on their car insurance for damages.

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