Mr Bean’s car insurance premiums soar after crashing McLaren F1 Supercar

Rowan Atkinson is generally known for his accident prone alter ego Mr Bean, however it seems that the character may be more true to life than we all originally thought, especially after Atkinson crashed his McLaren F1 supercar back in August 2011. It sounds like something out of a Mr Bean script, but Atkinson really did manage to buy and destroy one of the most expensive cars in the world. The car is one of only sixty four models only made, and it now estimated to be worth around three million pounds, which means that the cost of insuring it is more than most family’s car insurance policies put together!

In August 2011 Atkinson lost control of the supercar which then veered off a slippery section of the A605 near Peterborough, hit a tree, and burst into flames. The car was basically a write off, as most of the back of the vehicle was completely destroyed, and the 6.1 litre engine that helped the car achieve a top speed of 240mph was found twenty yards away from the rest of the vehicle. Luckily, Atkinson escaped with just a broken shoulder, and was determined to have his vehicle fixed no matter what the cost.

The car insurance claim for the accident was a whopping £910,000 – the largest repair bill ever reported in Britain. Unsurprisingly, his car insurance providers took eight whole months to decide whether they would allow the claim, but eventually agreed on the massive pay out. The car then went to the McLaren’s specialist repairs base in Woking Surrey, where it took an entire year for a team to make it as good as new.

However, Atkinson will now have to pay an extreme insurance premium for the vehicle, with experts stating that his insurance premiums will have risen to around sixty thousand pounds a year due to the massive crash. A senior client manager at specialist insurers RK Harrison said, Ben Stagg said: “It costs between £10-15,000 a year just to keep a McLaren F1 insured off-road in a garage.”

“If you want to drive it – and it seems Mr Atkinson drives his a lot – your premium could rise to between £20-40,000 a year because of the added risk. Now he has crashed it, Mr Atkinson’s insurers may increase the premium by another 50 per cent. They could also insert a limited mileage clause and increase his excess to around half the car’s total value.”

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