Motorists Cut Back on Journeys as Car Costs Continue to Soar

As the cost of motoring continues to test the pockets of most drivers in the UK, a survey by one leading British company suggests almost 50% of drivers are now cutting down on journeys.

The report from the Post Office says customers are becoming increasingly worried about their motoring future and are looking for ways to cut their costs. The survey questioned over 2,000 motorists and showed that 46% of drivers now use their cars less than they did 12 months ago. 1 in 3 drivers interviewed said they now actively look for petrol stations with cheaper fuel while 1 in 4 say they drive slower to make their fuel go further.

When asked what their greatest concerns were, most drivers answered that fuel costs were the biggest single issue, but motor insurance and the number of drivers without car insurance also figured highly, as did the state of the UK’s roads. It seems that most drivers are now equally aware of the on-costs as much as the direct costs associated with owning a car. The survey went on to ask drivers what would top their wish list and once again there were few surprises. Most said they would like cheaper fuel and tougher action taken against drivers without motor insurance, however, over 1 in 5 said they would also like to see the legal driving age raised from 17.
A spokesman for the Post Office said “For many drivers, their car is their lifeline and many people rely on their car every day. With approximately 405 trips made by every driver each year and with the cost of fuel jumping 52% in the last five years, it is not surprising that motorists are becoming increasingly worried about rising fuel prices and the general cost of running their car.”

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