Motorists call for stricter adherence to driving ban rules

A survey jointly produced by a leading road safety charity and leading motor insurance provider reveals that UK motorists would like to see tougher sentencing for law breaking drivers.

The report by road safety champions BRAKE discovered the great majority of drivers questioned would support stricter sentences for offences such as speeding and the use of mobile devices while driving, with many wanting to see much tougher punishments than those on the statute book at the moment. They would like to see drivers banned automatically when they reach the 12 point “trigger” and want to see far less instances of drivers escaping a ban under the exceptional hardship clause. Currently over 10,000 motorists are still driving despite having 12 points or more on their driving licence.

When it comes to fines, over 80% questioned believe fines should start at £200 with almost half (47%) suggesting £500 would be a better figure. BRAKE point to research from overseas that shows tougher sentencing and a higher chance of being caught act as good deterrents and would like to see this introduced in the UK.

The Director of motor insurance underwriting at the insurance company sponsoring the research, Andy Goldby, commented “The current levels of fines for speeding, careless driving or using a mobile phone whilst behind the wheel, are comparable to parking penalties. A greater deterrent is needed to stop those who think it is perfectly acceptable to break the law and endanger lives on the roads. The large majority of drivers want it too.”

There is no doubt that the number of 10,000 drivers having wriggled out of what most motorists understand as a compulsory ban suggests something is wrong with the system and ordinary motorists want justice to be done and seen to be done.

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